Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Truffles...

Okay...So I tried the truffles again.  Not because the last ones came out bad, but I only had 3 flavors and felt I needed at least two more.

This time I went with an even higher quality chocolate, Ghirardelli Chocolate  This Ghirardelli chocolate has a 60% Cacao which make for a richer and better flavored chocolate.  I used half dark bittersweet chocolate and half milk chocolate.

For the full recipe you can refer to my original Chocolate Truffle post:

Notice how these chocolates are like chocolate don't have to chop these with a knife as they melt very easily.

Anyway, I brought the whipping cream to a boil added my flavoring.  This time I did Raspberry and Pistachio oils.

I followed the exact same steps.  Once it came down to the dipping part I rolled the truffle in the melted chocolate and then sprinkled some ground up pistachio nuts over the top of the pistachio flavored truffles.

For the Raspberry ones I let the dipped chocolate dry and then I melted some red chocolate and drizzled the red chocolate over the top .

The Raspberry Truffle

Here are all the truffles.
You have from the top, Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate, Pistachio, Raspberry and Peppermint.
Look at all that yummy chocolate... Oh My!

Now came time for the boxing of these delicious gifts.

I placed 8 truffles into a white candy box lined with tissue paper.  Each truffle was in their own little white paper candy cup.  I ended up lightly taping the paper cup to the bottom of the box to make sure the truffles did not slide all over the box during transport.  Then I had purchased plastic covers to go over the boxes, I wanted the receiver to see the beauty of these chocolates immediately.    I then used some ribbon to close up the box and there you have a very sweet gift for someone special.

Happy Holidays!

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